ADL's- April Recipe of the Month-Triceratops Sandwich


Since one of our beginning themes is Dinosaurs--we want to share a great lunch/snack idea with all you Outstanding Teachers, Therapists and Terrific Parents!  It is for a Triceratops Sandwich!

Foods Needed:
2 slices of bread
Filling (peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese and olives, tuna, etc)
4 large cheese curls (or baby carrots or small pretzel rods)
3 small cheese curls (or 1 paby carrot cut in thirds)
2 raisins for eyes- a nut or black olices for nose
A pretzel or curl for the tail

Equipment needed:

1. Wash and dry hands.
2. Spread filling on one slice of bread.
3. Top with the other slice of bread.
4. Cut sandwich diagonally.
5. Place 1/2 sandwich on plate, cut side at bottom of plate.
6. Take the other half of the sandwich and lay it to the lefto fothe first half, the cut side facing the top of the plate.
7. Insert 4 curls or carrots or rods into filling at the bottom for the legs of the Triceratops.
8. Insert the 1/3 curls or carrots into the face portion for the horns.
9. Add the raisins and nut/olive for the eyes and the nose, and add the food item choice for the tail.
*REMEMBER--our recipes allows the child to complete MOST or ALL of the steps to create the recipe.  Giving a child a plastic knife, will allow the child to do all the steps to this recipe with only visual guidance from YOU.

If you like this recipe you will find it and more (plus crafts, lacing projects, coloring pages and graphic developmental skills in the Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Everywhere book coming out this fall!