April Craft Idea of the Month--Lollipop Birds


"Spring Bird" Covered Lollipop

Materials Needed:

Round Lollipop
Pipe cleaner or piece of yarn or ribbon
Googly eyes
Craft foam or construction paper
Crepe paper, scraps of cloth material, or colored tissue paper*


1.  Start with a 5" square of tissue, crepe paper or cloth material.
2.  Center the square over the top of the lollipop.
3.  Gently pull square down around the lollipop and twist at the base where the lollipop meets the stick.
4.  Draw on eyes with marker, or glue on googly eyes
5.  Cut out beak from paper or craft foam and glue in place.  Other bird features may be cut out and glued on, or drawn on with the markers.

Now your bird is ready to be stuck in a cupcake, on  a place card, use the "bird" as part of a tied on napkin ring or package decoration. It can be stuck in a roll of candy mints or a marshmallow to create a whole bird.  Turn it into a finger puppet by rolling a sleeve of felt that will fit a finger, then glue the ends of the felt together.  Cut two slits and insert the lollipop stick.

*The level of difficulty for this craft is dictated by the materials you choose.  Obviously a material square will not tear if you exert too much pressure on pulling it down over the lollipop. If you are working on learning to judge pressure, then crepe paper or tissue paper would be the material of choice.   Round lollipops also come in varying sizes--the larger the lollipop, the easier it is for a child to handle. Pipe cleaners are easier to manipulate than tying a piece of yarn or ribbon into a bow.  Consider the child/children you are doing this craft with and use appropriate materials so everyone can have a successful experience.