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Welcome to OT to Go!  Whether you are an OUTSTANDING THERAPIST, an  OUTSTANDING TEACHER or just OUT Testing the Internet for therapeutic and educational  items for children--you have come to  the right place.                
We know you are here to mind your P's and Q's (Prices and Quality)--so are we! All children are not created equal, and some develop skills faster or slower than others.  That is why we have so many products to suit many different learning styles--but still address the curriculum goals--via themes. Find the right products for the child--and you have a child motivated to learn! We  started with the ABC Theme, Community Helpers Theme and Dinosaur Theme.  Each theme has at least one item in every category (area) you have in your classrooms. This way you will tap into every learning style in your room!

Since we have been up and running, we have added new themes, Foods, Farm Animals and Zoo Animals .  Next, we developed an  "All About ME (YOU)" Theme! We found a company that has games and puzzles that relate to Black History which we have put in the All About Me theme, but could be used in the  Community Helpers Theme or in a Black History Month theme.  We want diversity in your classrooms! Since attending the 2008 Toy fair we are adding a Numbers/Math Skills Theme and an Under the Sea/Ocean Theme.  As new products come in, we will add them to the website. This is where the internet is better than a print catalog--when we get something in, we can share it immediately with you.

Check the product pages out for some really exciting games and toys that will be big hits in your classrooms or at home.

We know that some curriculum cost over $4000 and provide few tangible items for the "week's themes".  We are trying to have something for every area of the themes we offer,  and you can purchase at least one item for each area for under $100 a theme. We have even put together package deals that run from $80-$120, but end up saving you money, with more than one product in some areas! We know budgets are tight--so come grow with us!  Buy one or two themes each year and by the time we are up to our 40 themes--you will have all you need for ALL 40 weeks of school--an education that will really mean something to your students!

So click on our "Products" pages and see what we have to offer.  We can serve you via the Internet or via SNAIL mail (fax and US mail). If your school HAS to have a printed catalog, take a minute to contact us and put "catalog" in the subject line.  We will e-mail you the PDFs to download so you have the products in print! We have catalogs available when you see us at trade shows, or you can contact us for one.  If we need to be registered vendors for your school district-let us know.  We have networked with a lot of teachers and therapists who tell us we are on target with your needs and with prices you can afford. Compare our prices to other sites and you will see this for yourself. All we ask is that you explore our site and give us a chance! We can take your school's purchase orders (PO).

Our products are primarily for the child who is functioning between the developmental ages of 2-8 years of age.  The toys and games are great with special needs children as well as those who are developmentally normal.  We are based in Monmouth County NJ, we are willing to be the "milkman" people of school supplies for NJ schools and day cares., We will bring our products (your choice of themes) to your school so you can see the products first hand before you decide what you want to buy.  Just call us at 732-859-5102 to set up a date and time for us to come to your facility.  If you are planning on purchasing $450 or better, we are willing to give your staff a 1- 1 1/2 hour in-service for free on fine motor development, cooking in the classroom or the development of scissors skills when we deliver your order! We are also available to do 3-4 hour in-services at the cost of $525.

Looking for a freebie?  Then click on our Craft or Recipe of the Month and you can be called that Outstanding Teacher/Therapist that you are, when you use our ideas! We have had requests to re-list our recipes and crafts instead of just having one month's available for viewing.  The past year plus the current month is up and ready for your viewing if you missed them the first time, or just want to see them again.

  This ABC and Cutting Skills book is a MUST HAVE for any teacher or therapist who works on printing and/or cutting skills!  Every child will get practice on his/her level of cutting(snips, straight, curved, simple or complex shapes), as well as letter recognition and graphic practice of that letter on each hat created.  The best part for the child is getting to wear their completed hat.  The best part for the teacher/therapist--the reinforcement of the letter and the skills involved in creating the hat! 
Our next book off the press is the Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Everywhere Book.  164 pages of reproducible graphic sheets, crafts, recipes, coloring pages and games that will fit the varying levels of development you deal with in the classroom.

HOT OFF THE PRESS-- One Lump or Two?  An Early Education Tea Party Book.  This one goes into our food theme!  The children will love it!  Like all our other books- inclusive for all levels of functioning with the graphic sheets, crafts, recipes, coloring pages and games!

Having a bad day and need a laugh--the click on our quips page and we are sure you will end the day with a smile on your face! In a hurry--then bookmark us NOW, and come back when you have more time!