OT to Go is aware that most school districts do not order by credit card off the Internet.  To assist your school-based ordering needs, we have created price list pages done by themes,  that you can print out. Then, complete your purchase list,  take it to your school and submit it through your Board of Education's regular purchasing process.  We DO take POs (Purchase Orders)!  Add $4.95 plus 15% (if over $10.00 purchase) of the total amount due,  to cover shipping and handling.   If your school requires a "print" catalog, just contact us here and put "need catalog" in the subject line.  We will e-mail you the PDFs of the products that go along with these printable price lists. Then you just download the pages and give it to your purchasing agent. We do have a limited number of our "one and only" print catalogs still available, email us to mail it to you.

Since we are based in NJ, we are offering FREE delivery in Monmouth County anytime. We are also offering 5% off your order until April 15, 2013!!!  For any NJ orders that are over $100  placed before April 15, 2013 we will offer free delivery. Orders over $250 will receive free delivery to their facility in NJ at any time of the year. For the Philadelphia, PA area, (DVAEYC) we will also honor the free delivery on orders over $250.

If you are a corporation with multiple orders, we can work-out a discount program with you for the multiple orders, just contact us at 732-859-5102 or send us a fax 732-282-1120 or e-mail

If you are an individual who prefers to order by mail, just download the price lists, fill them out and enclose a check with your order.

Compare our prices to the companies you usually order from, 9 times out of 10 you will find we are cheaper-which means your $ will go farther with OT to Go!

If you ever have trouble faxing us, just call us 732-859-5102 or email us (support@ottogo.com) and let us know.