As teachers, therapists, parents and caretakers of young children we all have those interesting "events" that have caused us laugh out loud.  Please share with us your "moments" via our email address and we will post them here, with your first name and hometown (or anonymous if you wish). Now SMILE :O)

Summer is now upon us--and one theme related to summer is hot air balloons

We had the PreK making hot air balloon centerpieces (July's Craft of the Month).  After all the balloons were done we sent them home with the children in plastic bags, so the families could enjoy their children's art endeavors.  The day after the balloons were sent home, one young man got off the school bus--sporting a long sad face and dragging his plastic bag behind him.  He came up to us and handed us the bag and said "I have to bring this back--my balloon doesn't fly."  I t seems he had gone home and set it on his front lawn and sat, and sat waiting for it to take off (which it never did and never would have due to the weight in the cup).  He was SOOOOO dejected!  Talk about taking us literally!

Our next quip is about an outdoor picnic.  Young Adam was asked what was to be served at the event.  His reply "Cheeseburgers and PLAIN cheeseburgers (meaning just a hamburger).