April 2007 Crafts of the Month--"Some Bunny Loves You"


April 2007 Crafts of the Month--"Some Bunny Loves You"!  Not only will you love these craft ideas for their bunny appeal, but you will love them for their "recycling"!  April is Recycle Month--so we combined the themes!
This idea came to us from a  very dear friend of ours, Carol Hershkowitz, an Outstanding Teacher!  We have been using her idea for years with great success!

Bunny Container


Materials Needed:

1 gallon plastic milk carton (washed out)
acrylic paint
paint brush
permanent markers
cotton ball
craft foam for ears
tacky glue
box cutter knife


1.  Have an adult cut down the two sides farthest away from the handle to form face of bunny(see picture).
2.  Have child draw in the face with markers.
3.  Paint the features in as desired.
4.  Cut ears from craft foam and glue into place.
5.  Glue a stretched out cotton ball between eyes for a hair "poof".
6.  Fill the container as desired.

  These crafts addresses bilateral coordination, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and proprioception skills (drawing on something other than paper).

Shell Bunnies

Materials Needed:

Cleaned Beach Shells ( or go to a seafood restaurant and ask for their empty clam shells)
Permanent Markers
Craft Foam/ pipe cleaners
Ribbon for bow
Tacky glue
Cord or thread to hang


1.  Draw a face on the shell, using the pointy end as the nose.
2.  Cut ears out of craft foam and glue on.
3.  Tie a bow (or make one using a rectangle of 2" ribbon and a piece of pipe cleaner for the tie in the center) and glue it below the bunny's nose.
4.  Make a loop out of the thread/cord and glue to back of shell.  Let dry.