April 2008 Craft for the Month-Recycled Binoculars


April 2008 Craft for the Month-Recycled Binoculars

Since Earth Day is this month, what a better way to celebrate than with a craft of recycled materials!

Materials Needed:

2 empty yogurt containers
clear packing tape'
left over cellophane pieces (any color)
left over ribbon or yarn pieces
permanent markers
glue stick.
Exacto knife or box cutter

1.  Remove labels from yogurt containers, wash and dry.
2.  Have an adult cut out the bottoms of the containers with an Exacto knife (leave a little rim so cellophane can be glued into place).
3.  Decorate containers with markers.
4.  Trace the bottoms of the yogurt containers onto cellophane.
5.  Cut out cellophane circles.
6.  Glue cellophane circles into lense area of binoculars-let dry.
7.  Use clear packing tape to stick yogurt containers together.
8.  Cut a piece of scrap ribbon or yarn and knot both ends.
9.  Tape knots to either side of binoculars.
10.  Put on and look at the world through your colored binoculars.

This craft is a great bilateral motor activity and can address graphic skills by what you have the children design on their binoculars.  Looking through "colored" glasses also is a great visual experience.