April 2010-Craft of the Month April Showers Bring --- UMBRELLAS!


April 2010-Craft of the Month  April Showers Bring ......UMBRELLAS!

With all the rain the USA has been having in March, any we receive in April will just reinforce the need for our umbrellas!  We have 3 Umbrella craft ideas for you this month.

Umbrella Favor Holder

Materials Needed:

Small Pod Water Container, empty and dry. (We used Poland Springs Aqua Pods)
Soda Straw
Markers (Permanent)
Metal Skewer or Box Cutting Knife to cut hole for straw


Have an adult heat the skewer and insert into the bottom of the bottle to create a hole for the straw to go into.  Or using the box cutter, cut an X in the bottom of the bottle to make an opening for the straw.
Insert the straw and run a line of glue around the hole opening to secure the straw in the bottle.  Let the glue dry.
Using the markers, decorate the bottle to look like an umbrella by drawing the ribs, and drawing on the pattern.
Fill bottle with small candies (we used M & M's)  or nuts. OR, fill with small letters of the alphabet and let the children sort the letters, or spell words with the letters they shake out of their umbrella.

This craft is great for bilateral motor control and for learning to mark on a 3-D surface.

Open Umbrella Favor

Materials Needed:

Small Aqua Pod Water Bottle (empty and dry)
Box cutter
Tacky Glue
Paint brush
Bendable Straw


Using the box cutter,  have an adult cut a small slit 2/3 of the way up from the cap.
Insert the scissors and cut a zigzag pattern around the bottle, until the bottle is cut into two pieces.
Paint the piece that is connected to the cap.  Let the paint dry.
Squeeze a small amount of tacky glue into the cap and let it get real tacky.  Insert the straw and let dry.
The "umbrella" can then be decorated with stickers or markers if desired.
Candy, nuts or small school supplies can be placed in the open umbrella.

This craft works on cutting on another surface other than paper and repetitive motion of using the paintbrush to cover the "umbrella" with paint.

Umbrella for the Bulletin Board

Materials Needed:

Construction Paper
Markers or Crayons


Decorate an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of construction paper with the crayons or markers.
Fold the paper back and forth at 1/2" intervals (8 1/2" side) until the paper is folder up.
Holding the bottom end, staple the fan closed.
Fan out the top part of the fan.
Cut out an umbrella handle from another color construction paper.
Glue to the back of the umbrella fan.
Tack up on the bulletin board, or hang from a string from the ceiling.