April 2006 Crafts of the Month -- Frogs!


April Showers bring May Flowers--and FROGS!  April is the official "Frog Month"!  What a "ribbeting" experience your children will have when they try our "frog related crafts."

Frog/Toad House

Materials Needed:

Empty coffee can or 2 liter soda bottle (make sure there are no sharp edges)
Tempera or acrylic paints
Permanent Markers
1 can clear acrylic spray paint
scissors/ box cutters (for adult to cut bottle off near taper and cut a door)


1.  Put newspaper down at work place.
2.  Paint designs on can or bottle as desired.
3.  Let paint dry.
4.  Embellish with markers.  Let dry.
5. Have adult spray several coats of clear acrylic spray over "house" to set paint.
6.  Place "house outdoors in a moist, shady area there may be frogs/toads.  Push the bottle slightly into the ground to allow the frog to hop in and out of the door.  For a can, lay it on its side, and put in a little dirt (slightly burying the can) so the frog can hop in and out of the shelter without changing terrains.

This is a great activity for bilateral motor control. If using markers, you can address graphic issues.  If using paints, to make it more tactile, have the child use their finger as a brush to apply the paint. Using markers on a curved surface provides a different experience for graphic motor control.


Since April is also Recycle Month and Earth Day--using empty bottles and cans fits into these themes too!

Hopping Frogs Game

Materials Needed:

Green/ Blue Construction paper
Glue Stick
Markers/ crayons
Small "jumping frogs (These we ordered from Oriental Trading Company--by the gross!)


1.  Cut several lily pads out of green construction paper.
2.  Glue them onto blue construction paper.
3.  Write numbers (or letters) on the lily pads.
4.  Decorate the "water" as desired.
5.  To play the game give each child a pair of the same color of frogs. The first child has his frogs try to "hop" onto the lily pads from outside the paper.  They then add up how many points they have by where their frogs have landed. The player with the most points--wins! (If using letters of the alphabet, just have them identify the letters they land on). 

This craft is great for cutting (simple shapes) skills and for position in space perception.  Using an thumb or index finger to make the frogs hop can improve intrinsic skills.  The numbers on the lily pads can be used for addition, subtraction or just number or letter recognition skills.